Why Gary Shoots Sony More Than Canon or Nikon

Gary explains why he uses Sony over all other camera models and demonstrates Sony's features.

Gary Fong Introduces the Lightblade™ Flash Diffuser

The LightBlade flash diffuser softens harsh light emitted from flashes, minimizing shadows, reducing glare and creating more accurate skin tones.

How To Pose A Female Model (by a professional model)

Trish gives tips on how to present your most flattering angles, how to stand, how to position limbs, and accentuating jawline.

LIVE EVENT: Gary Fong On The Photography Industry, Rockstar Phenomenon and Copying

Gary Fong talks about the rockstar phenomenon and photo stealers.

LIVE EVENT: Gary Fong Explains How To Achieve Perfect Color

In this live event Gary Fong explains how to achieve perfect color via custom white balancing and a combination of reflective and incident color measurement.