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The Puffer PLUS shields over the camera's pop-up flash, greatly softening the quality of light.
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Puffer™ PLUS Pop-Up Diffuser ISO Mount

The Puffer™ PLUS: ISO Mount is compatible with ISO hot-shoes Nikon, Pentax, Panasonic Lumix, Samsung, and recent Sony brand cameras.

The Puffer™ PLUS flash diffuser expands on the fundamental features of the first generation models, providing photographers with beautifully diffused lighting versus the problematic, harsh lighting that pop-up flashes often create. The Puffer™ PLUS eliminates harsh shadows, red-eye, and hot spots so photographers can achieve beautiful, professional-style photos with minimal equipment. Its compact size makes it ideal for travel and its universal capabilities make it ideal for portraits, group shots, or any scene that requires fill flash. 


  • Provides diffused lighting from camera's pop-up flash
  • Eliminates shadows by softening harsh direct camera flash 
  • Ingeniously mounts via the camera's flash shoe
  • Adjustable for center positioning of any pop-up flash regardless of size
  • Does not interfere with flash functionality of camera

Puffer™ PLUS Video Library

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