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As seen on the TODAY show - The FlipCage™ is a lightweight multipurpose accessory for point-and-shoot cameras that conveniently attaches to the camera’s tripod stand mount and easily “flips” into multiple positions to expand your camera’s capabilities.

When closed, it provides protection from accidental drops or general wear and tear. When open, the Flip-Cage™ swings out to provide a stable stand for cameras that locks a point-and-shoot camera in a vertical or horizontal orientation, enabling the photographer to step out from behind the lens and become part of the shot.

In addition, the Flip-Cage™ can be converted into a macro stand for shooting extreme close-ups, or with its legs pressed together it can even act as a steady-cam to improve stability when shooting handheld video.

The Flip-Cage™ also comes with movable flaps that both shade the LCD screen to reduce glare and shade the camera lens to reduce lens flare. The Flip-Cage™ fits many compact cameras measuring: 4 inches or less in width, 2-1/2 inches or less in height, and 1 inch or less in thickness.