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Gary here:  Whenever I run into people on the street, I hear, “Oh! It’s Gary Fong! That reminds me, I lost my dome!”

Thats because everybody loves the domes – kids love them as frisbees. Dogs love them as chew toys. Gravity loves them. Busboys who think they’re a dessert plate love them. HOWEVER it is a serious piece of equipment!

The WhiteDome™, which comes with the Lightsphere® Universal™ and Collapsible™ product lines, allows you to reduce the amount of light ommited from the top of your Lightsphere®. This is ideal in low hanging ceiling environments where the bounce light is too strong.

ALSO: To achieve an accurate white balance in mixed lighting, use the WhiteDome™ to take a custom reading. (see the video below!)

Produce professional results with a tool you already have on-hand or add another to your gear bag for quick balancing on the go.


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