SNAPS by Gary Fong | Signed Paperback



Gary Fong is a world-renowned photographer, inventor and entrepreneur who has made multiple fortunes and lived a life far more colorful than any of his photos. From his inauspicious beginnings in a tiny, hairspraysaturated apartment that doubled as his parents wig studio, he went on to become, at a very young age, one of the world’s most successful wedding photographers.

After making millions in an industry traditionally reserved for small businessmen, he practically stumbled upon serial successes in the photo printing, software, real estate and camera accessory industries by making snap decisions based on his own quirky impulses. Gary is not a traditional businessman and his story is not a traditional rag-to-riches tale. Known to make important life choices on the flip of a coin, he has followed the whims of fate and instinct to create a life of amazing prosperity and adventure.

Sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching, Snaps is a series of short verbal snapshots, each of which can be read alone. When taken together, though, they form a rich mosaic of a life fully lived and an adventure that is still unfolding.


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