Custom White Balancing on Canon 5D

Gary Fong shows you how to set up your Canon 5D and 5DMkII to shoot precisely accurate color using the […]

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Sony Wireless Flash Setup

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How to Put Your Canon 580exII in “Slave” Mode

This is how to turn your Canon 580exII into a remote slave unit. Also, I am putting this flash on […]

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PowerSnoot outdoors on a sunny day

This video shows the dramatic effect of using the Gary Fong Powersnoot™ high-intensity focusing attachment for speedlight type flash units. […]

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How to transmit to remote slave with Canon 7D

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For Photographers Who Fly (or shoot weddings, or…)

The GearGuard is a new a series of camera and equipment security devices that provide photographers with a theft prevention […]

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Sony Flash System Creative Advantages

The SONY DSLR system is quite remarkable in many ways for creative flash.

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Lightsphere Version History

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Shooting daylight interiors with Fill Flash

Gary Fong shows how to use fill-flash to mix interior lighting with bright windows. Equipment used: Sony a230 with a […]

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New Puffer PLUS For Pop-Up Flash Photography

This is a quick, non-narrative product description for the new Gary Fong Puffer PLUS pop-up flash diffuser.

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One Size Fits All Lightsphere Collapsible

Gary Fong shows how the Lightsphere Collapsible fits extreme flash head sizes, goes on easily yet stays on extremely tight. […]

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The Lightsphere Dome Kit

Gary Fong explains the dome kit, and how it’s useful in modifying the light coming from your Lightsphere® Flash Diffuser. […]

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