Nikon Multiple Flash (Creative Lighting System)

Gary Fong demonstrates how to use a two-flash setup for quickly changing colored gel backgrounds. On camera is an SB900 […]

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AmberDome in Open Shade

Gary Fong demonstrates how the AmberDome can be used to clean up excessively “blue” and flat skin tones when shooting […]

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Comparing Umbrella Vs. Lightsphere

Gary Fong demonstrates the difference between the outdated studio umbrellas outdoors and the Lightsphere Collapsible. Also demonstrated – how to […]

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Lighting a Spontaneous Wedding Portrait

In this master class demonstration, Gary Fong demonstrates how to quickly produce spontaneous, professionally lit portraiture quickly with the Gary […]

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Custom White Balance For Product Photography

Gary Fong explains the theory behind Custom White Balance. Custom white balance is a feature offered by most digital SLR’s […]

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Perfect TTL Exposures, Simplified

Gary Fong gives tips on how to achieve more consistent TTL exposures with your dedicated Canon, Nikon or Sony flash […]

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The Gary Fong PowerGrid Attachment

This is a demonstration of the Gary Fong PowerGrid, an attachment which fits on top of your Lightsphere (LS2/Universal/Collapsible) and […]

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How and When to Use the Dome with the Lightsphere

Gary Fong explains how to mount the domes correctly for the Lightsphere Collapsible.

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How To Remove PowerSnoot Grid

This video explains how to remove the top of the Gary Fong PowerSnoot™. The black grid top is also usable separately […]

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Difference Between PowerSnoot & PowerGrid

Both the Gary Fong PowerGrid and PowerSnoot redirect light into a narrow beam. The PowerSnoot is more powerful, sending all […]

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The Mysterious White Ring

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Custom White Balance on Canon 7D

Gary shows how to setup a Canon 7D for custom white balance.

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