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On-Camera & Off-Camera Flash Photography Tutorials

The Chromedome Sold $180,000 in the first day

Hear Gary’s story on why the ChromeDome was one of his most popular inventions and why he is no longer […]

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Gary Fong’s Biggest Flop Product Explained

The Gary Fong FlipCage™ had a lot of promise – it was featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee […]

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The Story Behind The Original Lightsphere

Gary Fong shows what the original first generation Lightsphere and shares the story behind inventing and launching the product.

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Gary Fong shares the power of accurate color by setting a custom white balance using his ColorPerfectDome.

Accurate Color With The ColorPerfectDome™

Gary Fong shares the power of accurate color by setting a custom white balance using his ColorPerfectDome.

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Portraits Using A Single Off-Camera Flash with SnootSkin And Lightsphere

A quick demonstration on how to create beautiful portraits using one off-camera flash on TTL mode and a SnootSkin Insert […]

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Unboxing The New SnootSkin Flash Modifier For The Lightsphere Collapsible

The SnootSkin™ is designed to fit snugly inside the Lightsphere® Collapsible™, converting it into a Snoot (spotlight) or color light […]

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Create Stunning Portraits With A Single Off Camera Flash And Lightsphere Collapsible

Using a single off-camera flash and Lightsphere Collapsible, learn how to create stunningly lit portraits in seconds. The Lightsphere Collapsible […]

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Black and White Off-Camera Flash Portraits | London Part 04

In this video, watch as photographer Scarlet Page and Gary Fong continue photographing guitarist Tommy Gleeson using both the Speed […]

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Interview with Dejavu Model Management | Fashion Photography Part Four

Photographer Caitlyn Chapman interviews Sabrina Notte, Dejavu Model Management owner, to discuss what a Mother Agency is and advice for […]

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Portraits Using Two Off-Camera Lightsphere Collapsibles | Fashion Photography Part Two

Fashion photographer Caitlyn Chapman demonstrates how to a softbox lighting setup for portraits using two off camera Lightsphere Collapsibles.

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