Gary Fong™

Gary Fong™ is the official site for Gary Fong™, a leading lighting accessories manufacturer.
Gary Fong spent twenty years developing a reputation as one of the top professional photographers in the world, photographing six-figure ad campaigns worldwide and giving seminars throughout the world. As the one of the founders of, at the time the world’s largest digital photography and online direct pro lab, he helped it grow from six employees to 170 before it sold to Apax, Inc. for $35 million.
During his tenure at Pictage, he noticed that flash photography ruined more photographs than was accessible, so, taking inspiration from the common lampshade, Gary designed and patented, basically, a “lampshade” for the flash unit, and named it “The Lightsphere”. Over one million photographers use the Lightsphere - including the official photographers of three US Presidents, and NASA, for use in the Space Shuttle missions.
Currently on Generation Five, the Lightsphere has become standard equipment on any serious photographer’s gear bag.
With on-site tooling, prototyping and manufacturing in the USA, Gary Fong developed many successful products for photographers, including the Puffer, the Lightblade, The Power Snoot, and the Snootskin light modifiers.
Gary Fong’s YouTube channel has nearly 150,000 subscribers offering nearly 1,000 instructional videos on how to create flattering light, eliminate harsh side shadows, and create beautiful portrait photography with speed light flash units.
Gary’s YouTube Channel is also a source for groundbreaking news for Sony Alpha Cameras. Gary does not have an endorsement arrangement with Sony, but became a heavy promoter of the technology of the alpha mirrorless cameras when Sony had only a scant 5% market share of interchangeable lens cameras.
Gary is widely credited with helping to elevate awareness of the Sony mirrorless cameras, teaching how to apply mirrorless innovation to photographic techniques, and helping Sony Alpha attain the number one market share during his time promoting the brand. With his unique relationship with Sony, Gary gets first-hand access to new cameras and therefore is able to produce his extensive camera courses, called “Unleash The Power Of Your Sony Alpha”.