Speed Snoot

Dramatic Outdoor Lighting with PowerSnoot

Demonstration of Gary Fong PowerSnoot Outdoors in Sydney, Australia

Nikon Multiple Flash (Creative Lighting System)

Gary Fong demonstrates how to use a two-flash setup for quickly changing colored gel backgrounds. On camera is an SB900 being utilized as a flash trigger only (in Master mode). Flash two is a Nikon SB...

How To Remove PowerSnoot Grid

This video explains how to remove the top of the Gary Fong PowerSnoot™. The black grid top is also usable separately as the “Power Grid” which fits on any Gary Fong Lightsphere&n...

Difference Between PowerSnoot & PowerGrid

Both the Gary Fong PowerGrid and PowerSnoot redirect light into a narrow beam. The PowerSnoot is more powerful, sending all of the light through the grid, while the PowerGrid simply attaches to the to...

PowerSnoot outdoors on a sunny day

This video shows the dramatic effect of using the Gary Fong Powersnoot™ high-intensity focusing attachment for speedlight type flash units. On a bright, sunny day, these synchro-flash techniques simul...

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