Off-Camera Flash

Achieve Dramatic Studio Lighting in Awful Places

Demonstrated live at Henry’s Exposure 2014 in Toronto, Gary showcases a set of speedlights in a busy area and how to create a dramatic look. Gear List: Sony a99, 50mm f1.4 Carl Zeiss, Video Devi...

One Ugly Room, Six Different Looks

Longtime professional photographer and lighting expert, Gary Fong gives a demonstration of the incredible creative power in using both on and off-camera flashes. After finding a very cluttered backgro...

Outdoor Yoga Shoot with Two Off Camera Flashes

This is a shoot for Yoga Instructors Shauna Nyrose and Chelsea Ray at Gary Fong’s Twin Creek Ranch. Used in this shoot were a Sony a6000 shot on Manual Mode, High Speed Sync, Two Phottix Mi...

Two Flash Setup Outdoors – Garage Door In Alley

In this video, Gary Fong continues the “Ugly Room Series” by going out in an alley in London and trying to find an ugly background and turn it into something spectacular with a simple two-flash setup....

Off Camera Flash with Color Gels and Speed Snoot

Gary Fong demonstrates how to achieve dramatic lighting effects with off-camera flash using colored gels. Also demonstrated: how to calculate manual flash exposure without a meter.

Setting up for off-camera flash with your Nikon

Gary Fong shows how to quickly setup a Nikon DSLR to fire an off-camera flash with a Phottix Odin radio trigger

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