Off-Camera Flash

Portraits Using A Single Off-Camera Flash with SnootSkin And Lightsphere

A quick demonstration on how to create beautiful portraits using one off-camera flash on TTL mode and a SnootSkin Insert and Lightsphere Collapsible.

Unboxing The New SnootSkin Flash Modifier For The Lightsphere Collapsible

The SnootSkin™ is designed to fit snugly inside the Lightsphere® Collapsible™, converting it into a Snoot (spotlight) or color light source. The black lining of the SnootSkin blocks light from spillin...

Create Stunning Portraits With A Single Off Camera Flash And Lightsphere Collapsible

Using a single off-camera flash and Lightsphere Collapsible, learn how to create stunningly lit portraits in seconds. The Lightsphere Collapsible provides an omni-directional light source similar to t...

Black and White Off-Camera Flash Portraits | London Part 04

In this video, watch as photographer Scarlet Page and Gary Fong continue photographing guitarist Tommy Gleeson using both the Speed Snoot and Lightsphere Collapsible. Gear List: Sony a6300, 50mm f1.4 ...

Portraits Using Two Off-Camera Lightsphere Collapsibles | Fashion Photography Part Two

Fashion photographer Caitlyn Chapman demonstrates how to a softbox lighting setup for portraits using two off camera Lightsphere Collapsibles.

Outdoor Portraits Using Portrait Lighting Kit | Fashion Photography Part Three

Photographer Caitlyn Chapman takes model Katy from an indoor setup to outdoors and showcases how to create beautiful portraits using the Portrait Lighting Kit.

Creating Dramatic Portraits With High Speed Sync | Photo+Adventure Part 2

Live at Photo+Adventure in Germany, Gary shares about his Speed Snoot Collapsible and mixing off-camera flash with natural light, then demonstrates how to turn an ugly background into a dramatic photo...

Scarlet Page Photographs Tommy Gleeson | London Part 03

Gary Fong and Scarlet Page worked together to photograph guitarist Tommy Gleeson using Gary’s off-camera flash technique and Dramatic Lighting Kit consisting of two Speed Snoots and Color Gel Ki...

How Flash Can Completely Change Your Photography | Photo+Adventure Part 1

A section of Gary’s live presentation at Photo+Adventure in Germany where Gary Fong shares how flash can completely change your photography. In this presentation Gary will demonstrate how to tur...

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