Flash Operation

Canon 430exII Setup For Remote Slave

Gary Fong explains the button-by-button sequence to turn the Canon 430exII into a remote slave unit controlled by a master transmitter (such as a Canon STE-2 or Canon 580exII) for Canon’s infrared rem...

Setting up for off-camera flash with your Nikon

Gary Fong shows how to quickly setup a Nikon DSLR to fire an off-camera flash with a Phottix Odin radio trigger

Comparing Canon 430exII with Nissin

Gary Fong explains how 3rd party flashes perform similarly to original equipment manufacturer units because the E-TTL technology that assures proper exposure works with units with the TTL models

Perfect TTL Exposures, Simplified

Gary Fong gives tips on how to achieve more consistent TTL exposures with your dedicated Canon, Nikon or Sony flash units.

How to Put Your Canon 580exII in “Slave” Mode

This is how to turn your Canon 580exII into a remote slave unit. Also, I am putting this flash on “M” mode to put more power through for my Gary Fong PowerSnoot™

Sony Flash System Creative Advantages

The SONY DSLR system is quite remarkable in many ways for creative flash. Here I show a Sony a-230 (a very inexpensive camera for its class) and explain why it offers creative advantages other systems...

Flash Setup for Canon

Gary Fong discusses how to optimize the flash on your Canon camera and flash units.