Off-Camera Flash, Speed Snoot

Mixing Ambient and Flash To Create Beautiful Lighting

In this video, professional photographer Gary Fong shows how dramatically you can improve a portrait over even soft, natural window lighting. In a departure from the “Ugly Room” series, these videos are set in desirable locations with desirable available lighting. Included are livecam videos and detailed instructions.

Gear List: Sony a7R, Sony 24-70mm f/4, Video Devices Pix 240i, Manfrotto 5001B Nano Black Light Stand, Manfrotto 458B Neotec Pro Photo Tripod, Kenro 222 Joystick Head, Phottix Mitros+ Sony Mount

For this shoot, Gary wanted to have a lot of the tungsten lighting effects, because it’s a very warm lighting. 

Gary’s goal was to mix in very subtle lighting effects with flash. That lighting came though with the use of a Snoot with a grid, which gave us a very dramatic, angular photograph, plus the spearation between the subjet and the front and background. This gave us a warm, glowing light. 

We used a Snoot with an Amber Gel Tab behind the model to backlight her hair. 

We watned to bring in the room and make it look beautiful.  Then we wanted to layer with a Speedlight flash, but almost invisible, so that you couldn’t tell that it’s flast. Lastly, we wanted to have a lot of separation between the subject and the background. 

We achieved this by shooting a very wide, open aperture. 

We shot with a Sony a6000 and a Zeiss 55 mm f1.8, wide open. 

We angled a Snoot directly on the model’s face. Behind the model, we placed the Snoot with the Amber Gel.  

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