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A detailed explanation on the Phottix Mitros+ flash

Gary Fong is not a compensated endorser of Phottix products, and Phottix did not request or know that this video was going to be made.

The Phottix Mitros+ flash units are a ground-breaking combination of both radio transmitter and receiver functions, along with regular TTL flash features.

Rather than turning your off camera flash into a radio slave with the Phottix Odin Receiver, which is triggered with a transmitter mounted to the camera’s hot-shoe, both the receiver and transmitter functionalities are built directly into each Mitros+ flash unit.

This technology allows you to mount your Mitros+ flash directly to your camera to shoot on-camera flash. Then, with simply changing a mode, turn your flash into a transmitter to trigger an off-camera flash, allowing you efficiently switch from on to off camera flash photography.

If desired you also have the capabilities to shoot both on and off camera flash at the same time.

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