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Why Gary Shoots Sony More Than Canon or Nikon

Speaking on behalf of Sony, the largest electronics company in the world, at WPPI 2014, Gary does not have a formal relationship with Sony but an individual who uses and loves Sony cameras. As a products manufacture and as photographer Gary tests almost all types of camera equipment available and out of it all Gary chooses Sony.

Sony cameras offer a translucent mirror, OLED viewfinder, selective tracking recognition, high speed motor, large megapixel count, and phase detection autofocus. This combination of features make Sony the cutting edge of Pro DSLR’s.

Unlike every other camera where you take a picture then look to check how it turned out, with Sony you look through the viewfinder or rear LCD screen, adjust your settings until you have your desired exposure, then take your picture.

The Sony camera Gary is In the video below is the Sony A99 Model. Click here to learn more.

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