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Introducing the LightBlade Flash Diffuser

Gary Fong introduces the brand new LightBlade, a flat shoot-through bounce diffuser for indoor flash situations. At MSRP of only $34.95, it is a fantastic diffuser that is completely flat and has dispersion domes on the surface to scatter light.

The LightBlade was designed for the photographer enthusiast, or even professional, who doesn’t want to get into the full-blown Lightsphere system but wants a great diffuser with maximum portability at a low cost. It easily whips between Vertical and Horizontal orientations without need for a flash bracket. It is different from the Lightsphere Generation 5 in that it does not accept domes and color accessories, nor is it as versatile outdoors.

You’ll notice the shape of the LightBlade diffuser is basically the same shape as the light beam coming out of the camera flash. What I wanted to do is use that light and capture it in a really nice diffused material.

Looking at the LightBlade straight on you’ll notice it is angled so it sits half way across the face of the flash. This allows a lot of the light to spread up and fill the ceiling yet allow a portion of the light to shoot through towards your subject for a soft, fill flash.

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