Mounting Your Lightsphere Collapsible Generation Five On Your Flash

The Lightsphere Collapsible Generation Five utilizes the newly designed Speed Mount system which allows photographers to securely attach and switch out modifiers in seconds. Once in place, photographers can rest assured that the Lightsphere Collapsible will stay securely in place, offering an equally tight fit for nearly all flash sizes.

The Generation Five Lightsphere was redesigned to now easily accommodates larger flash heads such as the Nikon SB-900 and SB-910 speedlights. 

The first step to mounting your Lightsphere is to aim the flash head straight up and rotate the head perpendicular so the button is facing you. Place your hand inside the top of Lightsphere Collapsible, ensuring the side tabs are inside the velco strap. This maximizes gripping capabilities on your flash head. With your hand inside the Lightsphere, put your hand over the flash head so that you can grib the top of the flash then pull it into the Lightsphere. Once the Lightsphere is over the flash head pull the velco straps tight. There you have it! Your Lightsphere Collapsible Generation Five is now mounted to your flash. 

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