Premium Photography and Camera Settings Videos

Unleashing the power of your Sony A6000

In this powerful 2 hour video, learn how to unleash the power of the Sony a6000 by harnessing many features which are not available without customization.

Unleashing the power of your Sony a77

Learn how to unleash the power of each feature and maximize the true potential of your Sony a77 with this detailed 1 hour and 35 minute premium video. 

An In-Depth Discussion about SRGB and Adobe RGB

Gary Fong discusses one of the highly debated topics today: the sRGB or AdobeRGB color space. In this 18 minute video Gary shares when chose sRGB or Adobe RGB when shooting and why.

Unleashing the power of your sony a99 - Part One

In this, part one of three, 33 minute video to unleashing the power of your Sony a99 Gary walks through the camera button controls, focus area and more.

Unleashing the power of your sony a99 - Part Two

During this 27 minute part two of three video dedicated to unleashing the power of your Sony a99 camera, Gary dicusses menu items and how to get the most out of your a99 camera.

Unleashing the power of your sony a99 - Part Three

In this 27 minute video, Gary covers numerous features and menu settings, such as object tracking, AF micro adjust, and custom button settings, from the Sony a99.

Unleashing the power of your sony a7r - Part Two

This 49 minute video is part two to the Unleashing The Power Of Your Sony A7R series and features setting overviews and button customization.

Unleashing the power of your sony a7r - Part One

In this 44 minute, part one, video on unleashing the power to your Sony a7r Gary walks you through the features and buttons on the latest Sony a7r camera.

How To Customize The Buttons and Function Menu on Your Sony Camera

Gary walks through all the options available when customing the buttons and function menu of your Sony camera.

Wedding Photography - A Conversation About Album Design with Amy Nave

Gary sits down with Amy Nave, from Albumesque and discusses the importance and power of album design

Wedding Photography - Reviewing The Complete Album Design

Gary reviews his wedding album design before sending to press and shares the reasons behind his image selection

Wedding Photography - Reviewing Your Images

In this 43 minute video Gary reviews all the images he took during the wedding and which images he likes best and why.

Wedding Photography - Reviewing the Workflow Sheet After The Wedding

After the wedding is complete, Gary reviews his Workflow Sheet to stay organized and professional with memory cards, multiple cameras and second photographers.

Wedding Photography - Learn As Gary Photographs a Live Wedding

In this 40 minute video, follow Gary as he photographs an entire wedding from getting ready, family portraits, the ceremony to the first dance and cutting of the cake.

Wedding Photography - Gear Selection and Camera Preparation

In this 38 minute video Gary dicusses what gear he'll be bringing to photograph a wedding and walks you though his Workflow Sheet to ensure you stay organized and professional.

Wedding Photography - An Introduction To The Workflow Sheet

An explanation to Gary's wedding workflow sheet, designed specifically to stay organized and professional when dealing with multiple cameras and memory cards.

Unleashing the power of your Sony A7S

In this 1 hour, 20 minute video, Gary explains the latest features of the Sony a7s mirrorless camera and how to set the camera up for optimum usage.

Using FinderRename to Organize Your Multi-Camera Photos

Gary Fong talks about the importance of time syncing your cameras and using software such as FinderRename to correctly organize and rename all your images by time taken.

Unleashing the power of your Sony a77ii

A 100 minute, detailed video review and walk through with the Sony a77ii features, menu items, settings and optimum camera setup.

Wireless Sony Flash Setup

A step-by-step walk through on how to setup your Sony flashes for wireless flash photography.