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Portrait Photography Combining Off-Camera Flash, City Lights, And Interior Ambient Lighting

Gary demonstrations how to improve your interior portraits by mixing off-camera flash, interior ambient lighting and exterior city lights.

Improve your available light portraits with off camera flash

Gary Fong dramatically improves a soft, natural window lighting by using two off camera flashes and the Speed Snoot.

Mixing Ambient and Flash To Create Beautiful Lighting

Learn how to dramatically improve your indoor portrait photography by mixing ambient lighting and two off-camera flashes.

2014 WPPI Presentation - How To Fix The Photography Profession

A live 1 hour 23 minute video recording from Gary's presentation from WPPI in Las Vegas, 2014.

Phottix Mitros and Odin To Sony Required Adapters Sony ADP-AMA, Sony ADP-MAA

Sony has changed flash hotshoe mount formats from the A99 forward, which makes things very confusing as there are older flashes and older bodies trying to attach to the other mount.

Unboxing the Studio-To-Go Lighting Kit

Gary Fong unboxes the new "Studio To Go" complete lighting systems, which has abundant video support for getting the best results.

Configure your Sony Mirrorless camera for autofocus object tracking

Learn how to configure your Sony camera for autofocus tracking with moving objects or people in motion

The Pressure Of Intimidation

An excerpt, on the pressures of intimidation, from Gary Fong's platform presentation at WPPI 2014

What Happens When You Turn "PRO" Prematurely

An excerpt from Gary's 2014 WPPI platform presentation on what happens when you turn "pro" prematurely.

Setting A Custom White Balance On A Sony Alpha Camera

A quick demonstration on how to create spot-on accurate color using the Gary Fong Color Reference Kit.

Setting up High Speed Sync on a Nikon Camera

A step-by-step video sharing how to activate High Speed Sync with your Nikon camera and Phottix Odin Transmitter.

Switching To Sony From Canon or Nikon Easily

In this video, Gary Fong shows how to ease your way into the Sony Mirrorless system with ease and comfort.

Gary Unboxing And Reviewing The New Sony A7ii

Gary unboxes the new Sony A7ii and provides a detailed, side-by-side comparison with the Sony A7.

How To Update The Firmware In Your Sony Camera

A step-by-step video on how to update the firmware in your Sony camera.

Lighting Group Portraits In Front Of A Christmas Tree

Learn how to achieve flattering, even illumination for group photos in front of a Christmas Tree.

Creating dramatic portraits in a plain room with the Studio-To-Go kit

This video is assignment three from the Studio-To-Go series where Gary shares how to created a colored wall for a dramatic portrait using the Canon 5D Mark II