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Beautiful Portraits with On-Camera Fill Flash and Lightsphere Collapsible

Using the latest Nissin Di700a flash unit on-camera, Gary Fong guides you on how to take stunning portraits with a camera, flash and Lightsphere Collapsible. 

An Introduction to the Nissin Di700a Flash Units and Air 1 Commander

Gary Fong unboxes and shares his thoughts on the new Nissin Di700a and Air 1 Commander flash unit then discusses differences between the Phottix Mitros+ and Di700a.

How To Enable Marker Display On Your Sony a7Rii

The latest Sony a7Rii is a powerful imaging tool and remarkable for video. One of the features included in video mode is Marker Display. This helps you frame your shot in the desired aspect ratio.

Live Event At London Drugs: Professional Results with Minimal Equipment

Presented live at London Drugs in Kelowna, BC Canada Gary Fong demonstrations his off-camera flash technique using the Fashion & Commercial Lighting Kit. 

Magmod Review vs Gary Fong Lightsphere: Magnetmod, Magsphere and Magbounce

This video is a feature-by-feature comparison of the Gary Fong Lightsphere/Lightblade system and the MagMod system. 

Sony Smart Control Remote App

The Sony Smart Control system allows you to fully control and monitor your camera via an app on your smartphone. 

Saving Custom Setup with Memory Recall With The Sony A7ii

In this video, Gary shows how you can optimize your Sony camera for Portrait Photography then how to save the features and custom button settings into Memory.

Miss World Canada Shoot With Lightbulb Adapter Kit | Part Three

In this video, Gary Fong shows you how to shoot a high-key, full length portrait of a model in a white dress, how to set up lighting and how to pose a model in a floor-length gown.

Miss World Canada Shoot With Lightbulb Adapter Kit | Part Two

In this three-part series, Gary will teach you how to set up and shoot photos for pageants and portraiture.

How To Nail Accurate Color On Canon

Gary Fong explains how to override auto white balance with your Canon EOS7D M2 and achieve accurate color

Gary Fong Interviews Acclaimed Celebrity Photographer Brian Smith

In this interview, live on the Sony stage at WPPI Las Vegas, Gary Fong interviews celebrity portrait photographer Brian Smith.

Miss World Canada Shoot with Lightbulb Adapter Kit | Part One

In this three-part series, Gary will teach you how to set up and shoot photos for pageants and portraiture using the LED Lightbulb Adapter Kit.

Portrait Photography Combining Off-Camera Flash, City Lights, And Interior Ambient Lighting

Gary demonstrations how to improve your interior portraits by mixing off-camera flash, interior ambient lighting and exterior city lights.

Improve your available light portraits with off camera flash

Gary Fong dramatically improves a soft, natural window lighting by using two off camera flashes and the Speed Snoot.

Mixing Ambient and Flash To Create Beautiful Lighting

Learn how to dramatically improve your indoor portrait photography by mixing ambient lighting and two off-camera flashes.

2014 WPPI Presentation - How To Fix The Photography Profession

A live 1 hour 23 minute video recording from Gary's presentation from WPPI in Las Vegas, 2014.