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Switching To Sony From Canon or Nikon Easily

In this video, Gary Fong shows how to ease your way into the Sony Mirrorless system with ease and comfort.

Gary Unboxing And Reviewing The New Sony A7ii

Gary unboxes the new Sony A7ii and provides a detailed, side-by-side comparison with the Sony A7.

How To Update The Firmware In Your Sony Camera

A step-by-step video on how to update the firmware in your Sony camera.

Lighting Group Portraits In Front Of A Christmas Tree

Learn how to achieve flattering, even illumination for group photos in front of a Christmas Tree.

Creating dramatic portraits in a plain room with the Studio-To-Go kit

This video is assignment three from the Studio-To-Go series where Gary shares how to created a colored wall for a dramatic portrait using the Canon 5D Mark II

Creating A Low Key Glamour Portrait With Hairlight, Indoors

Learn step-by-step how to create a low key portrait indoors with a soft hairlight using the Studio-To-Go kit and a Canon 5D Mark II.

How To Create A Black And White Spot Light Portrait

A step-by-step guide to achieving dramatic low key portraiture in a simple room with a chair using his new “Studio To Go” kit with a Canon 5D Mark II

How To Photograph Interiors With Auto HDR on Sony Cameras

In this demonstration, Gary Fong shows how to use multi frame auto high dynamic range for interiors with a huge exposure difference between the window and the interior using his Sony A7R..

A Demonstration of the Focus Lock Feature with the Sony a6000

The Sony Alpha autofocus sytem tracks faces like a robot, and allows you to "register" faces so that they are prioritized in an order you choose - but what happens if you want to shoot a different face than the one automatically selected?

Lock On Autofocus Expanded Flexible Spot With The Sony a77ii

In this excerpt from the Premium Unleash The Power Of Your Sony a77ii, you will learn how to effortlessly use this powerful new autofocus tool to great advantage

Making Sense Of The Choice of Sony Alpha Cameras

In this video, you'll see the notable characteristics of each camera, lens and adapter combination that Gary has found for the best results in different scenarios.

The New Gary Fong Studio-To-Go Lighting Kits

With my off-camera flash configurations you can do dramatic black and white spot lighting and create spectacular color effects whether indoor or outdoors. For a fraction of the cost, you can get an entire portable studio system that can change your photography overnight. 

Sony's Intelligent Auto and Superior Auto Modes

New Sony Alpha cameras, like the sony a6000 used in this video, incorporate automatic shooting modes that take nearly every aspect of photo capture and makes it, "robotic".

A detailed explanation on the Phottix Mitros+ flash

This is a detailed explanation of the ground-breaking, Phottix Mitros+ flash, which combines radio transmitter and receiver function, as well as TTL and optical wireless functionality.

Lighting Outdoor Glamour Portraits in London, UK

Lighting expert Gary Fong taught a master class for lighting in central London, looking for a creative background, he stumbled on a billboard wall.

Gary Fong in Cologne, Germany Demonstrating Phottix Mitros+ System

Gary Fong explains the concept of "overlaying" your available light exposures with flash of different shapes and levels of output.