This 4 hour long video provides a detailed walk through on the features of the Sony RX10ii camera and includes an interactive virtual camera designed to educate you on each menu item.

Understanding Focus Area on Sony Mirrorless Cameras

In this video, Gary Fong discusses the different Auto Focus settings on your Sony Mirrorless camera.

Understanding Smile Shutter On Sony Mirrorless Cameras

In this video Gary will show you how the Smile Detector works with Sony Mirrorless Cameras. 

Understanding The Face Registration Feature on Sony Mirrorless Cameras

In this video, Gary Fong shows a live demonstration of the Face Registration built into latest Sony mirrorless cameras.

Understanding Auto Focus on Sony Mirrorless Cameras

In this video, Gary Fong discusses the "new style" of auto-focus, which includes subject tracking with a live demonstration.

Understanding Aperture and Your Lens F-Stops

In this video Gary explains a powerful creative tool in photography, depth-of-field.

Sony RX10ii ND Filter Feature Demonstration

Using the latest Sony RX10ii, Gary demonstrates a unique feature built into the camera. In this video, Gary is out in mid-day sun getting ready to photograph a small creek. 

35mm Full Frame, APS-C, and 1.0-Type Sensor Depth of Field Comparison

In this video, Gary compares the Full Frame, APS-C and 1.0-Type sensors and how they effect your image's depth-of-field.

Unleash The Power Of Your Sony a7Rii is a powerful 3 hour 57 minute video, and includes a interactive virtual camera, where Gary walks you through all the ground breaking features and how to optimize this powerful camera.

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In this video Gary adds his Color Gels to a rear light to add color to the studio wall

Adding A Hairlight To Your Off-Camera Flash Lighting

In this video Gary builds off his off-camera lighting setup by adding a second flash behind and to the left of the model to create a hairlight.

High Speed Sync Spotlight Effect For Dramatic Portraits

Continuing on from a previous setup, Gary demonstrates High Speed Sync mode using the Nissin Di700a flash units with a Speed Snoot Collapsible to create dramatic looking portraits.

An Introduction to the Nissin Di700a Flash Units and Air 1 Commander

Gary Fong unboxes and shares his thoughts on the new Nissin Di700a and Air 1 Commander flash unit then discusses differences between the Phottix Mitros+ and Di700a.

On-Camera Fill Flash and Lightsphere Collapsible For Beautiful Portraits

Using the latest Nissin Di700a flash unit on-camera, Gary guides you on how to take stunning portraits with a Lightsphere Collapsible. 

How To Enable Marker Display On Your Sony a7Rii

One of the features included in video mode is Marker Display. This helps you frame your shot in the desired aspect ratio. 

Manual Focus Tools: MF Assist and Peaking Levels

Sony comes fully equipped with two powerful tools for manual focusing. This is useful for photographers using old manual lenses, with an adapter, or those filming videos.

Sony a7Rii Amazing Eyeball Focusing In Continuous Mode

The Sony a7Rii's "Eye-AF" in Continuous Autofocus mode allows the photographer to have the camera pinpoint the iris of the eyeball even if the subject is in motion.

Unboxing The Sony a7Rii, RX100iv, and RX10ii

Gary Fong introduces the brand new Sony a7Rii, RX100M4, and RX10ii mirrorless cameras with Back Illuminated Sensor technology.

The Sony RX10ii Unveiling

Gary Fong discusses the new Sony RX10ii, why it exists, who it is for, and the benefits and drawbacks to this model for stills or video.

Behind The Scenes With Justin MacGregor On Our Film Setup

Justin MacGregor, a valuable asset of the GFI team, walks you through what gear are used and how we film a lot of Gary's YouTube and Premium Video tutorials.