Printable Instructional Cards For The Gary Fong Lightsphere Products

Custom White Balance with WhiteDome and GrayDome Instructional Card

A detailed, printable postcard designed to guide you with setting a custom white balance, while out in the field, using the Gary Fong WhiteDome or GrayDome.

AmberDome Instructional Card

This printable postcard explains the basic setup and usage of the Gary Fong AmberDome.

Lightsphere Collapsible Generation 5 Instructional Card

This printable instructional card will guide you on how to use the Lightsphere Collapsible Generation Five and when, and when not. to use the WhiteDome.

Speed Snoot Collapsible Instructional Card

The Speed Snoot Instructional Card is printable and guides you in the field on how to mount and use the Speed Snoot Collapsible.