The Chromedome Sold $180,000 in the first day

Hear Gary’s story on why the ChromeDome was one of his most popular inventions and why he is no longer producing this product.

Gary Fong’s Biggest Flop Product Explained

The Gary Fong FlipCage™ had a lot of promise – it was featured on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda, and touted as a brilliant invention. So what went wrong? Timing – and – the...

The Story Behind The Original Lightsphere

Gary Fong shows what the original first generation Lightsphere and shares the story behind inventing and launching the product.

Interview with Dejavu Model Management | Fashion Photography Part Four

Photographer Caitlyn Chapman interviews Sabrina Notte, Dejavu Model Management owner, to discuss what a Mother Agency is and advice for those looking to get into modelling.

Interviewing Caitlyn Chapman | Fashion Photography Part One

Fashion photographer for Dejavu Model Management, Caitlyn Chapman sits down with Gary Fong to share tips for those looking to get in modelling and preparing to work for a agency.

Gary Interviews Tommy Gleeson | London Part 01

While in London, Gary met up with Tommy Gleeson for a sit-down conversation about his relationship with his guitars and later in the day met up with Scarlet Page to photograph Tommy.

Interview With Scarlet Page | London Part 02

In this video, Gary Fong sits down with Scarlet Page to discuss her inspiration behind her book Resonators and the challenges of shooting with limited time.

Behind The Scenes of Gary Fong’s Instructional Videos

Justin MacGregor, a valuable asset of the GFI team, walks you through what gear are used and how we film a lot of Gary’s YouTube and Premium Video tutorials.

Gary Unboxing And Reviewing The New Sony A7ii

This is an in-depth comparison of the Sony a7 and Sony a7ii. Included is a side-by-side comparison of: ergonomics, 5 way IBIS, shutter sound, and autofocus speed. Gear List: Sony a7, 50mm f1.4 Carl Ze...