Off-Camera Flash

A Studio In Any Location

Gary Fong shows how to take a plain background and turn it into a dramatic portrait studio with two off-camera speed lights and his SpeedSnoot Insert and Color Kit.

How To Create Dramatic Half Lit Portraits With Two Off-Camera Speedlights

Gary Fong shows how you can create a dramatic, half-lit portrait using one or two off-camera flashes. In this demonstration Gary uses his latest SnootSkin insert with the Lightsphere 5 and Nissin Di70...

Adding Hairlight To Your Dramatic Portraits Using The Lightsphere + SnootSkin

In the last video Gary Fong shared how to create a dramatic, high key portrait using a single off-camera Lightsphere and SnootSkin. Now, Gary will add a hair light to the setup to help separate the su...

Creating Dramatic Portraits With One Lightsphere + SnootSkin

Gary Fong shares how he can eliminate the environment completely by shooting at 1/4000 and creates a dramatic spotlight effect using one Lightsphere 5 and SnootSkin Insert.

Portraits Using A Single Off-Camera Flash with SnootSkin And Lightsphere

A quick demonstration on how to create beautiful portraits using one off-camera flash on TTL mode and a SnootSkin Insert and Lightsphere Collapsible.

Unboxing The New SnootSkin Flash Modifier For The Lightsphere Collapsible

The SnootSkin™ is designed to fit snugly inside the Lightsphere® Collapsible™, converting it into a Snoot (spotlight) or color light source. The black lining of the SnootSkin blocks light from spillin...

Create Stunning Portraits With A Single Off Camera Flash And Lightsphere Collapsible

Using a single off-camera flash and Lightsphere Collapsible, learn how to create stunningly lit portraits in seconds. The Lightsphere Collapsible provides an omni-directional light source similar to t...

Black and White Off-Camera Flash Portraits | London Part 04

In this video, watch as photographer Scarlet Page and Gary Fong continue photographing guitarist Tommy Gleeson using both the Speed Snoot and Lightsphere Collapsible. Gear List: Sony a6300, 50mm f1.4 ...

Portraits Using Two Off-Camera Lightsphere Collapsibles | Fashion Photography Part Two

Fashion photographer Caitlyn Chapman demonstrates how to a softbox lighting setup for portraits using two off camera Lightsphere Collapsibles.